Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador


At Crypto Emporium we’re always looking at ways to grow and improve our service. Since our website launched, we’ve been inundated with requests from people wishing to become an affiliate for our Crypto Emporium. It’s for this reason we’re going to pilot our Crypto Emporium Ambassador Program.
Do you have a passion for cryptocurrencies? Do you want to help with real-world adoption of crypto? Do you have expensive tastes for luxury items? Do you want to make an extra income promoting an exciting upcoming brand? Do you have the creativity and influence to persuade people to exchange their cryptocurrency for luxury goods?
If you do, Crypto Emporium needs you! We’re looking to recruit ambassadors to our affiliate program whereby every person you refer will receive a discount code for every order placed through Crypto Emporium. In return YOU also receive a commission on all orders placed using your discount/referral code. This equates to some huge savings for our customers AND some huge affiliate earnings for our ambassadors.
We’re looking for a small number of self-motivated ambassadors to help spread the world. We want to let your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit flow freely. We place no restrictions on how or where you gain referrals. We advise you to make use of all the regular channels; Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram, Blogs, Slack etcetera.

To apply for this pilot program.

Please send us an email at stating the following steps

1. Full Name? Company Name?
2. Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram username?
3. Other methods you intend to use to promote Crypto Emporium?
4. How do you intend to promote Crypto Emporium?
5. Why do you wish to represent Crypto Emporium?
6. Do you have experience with graphic design and brand representation?
7. Is there anything else we should know?

We’ll consider all applications carefully and on their own merit. If you’re accepted, you’ll hear back from a member of our team within 48 hours with further details.
Commissions will be paid out in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Verge. Immediately upon completion of your referrals order.
We can’t wait to welcome some of you into the Crypto Emporium movement.
Many Thanks,
Crypto Emporium Team.